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Today talking about traveling we will discuss that traveling is a part of human life from the very first day it could be due to any reason. People do travel for joy, to follow their dreams, as well due to necessitation. We can study the phenomenon of traveling in old times by the movement of Indus civilization it is said that the people of Indus civilization kept moving with the flow of river which shows traveling due to necessitation and people do also travel for gaining knowledge and discovering new things and for progress in many fields.

We know that everything is connected with the other in some way so we can say that a huge part of knowledge is also dependent on travelling because if many of the scientists and contributors to the basics of life might not have travelled we also did not have been able to gain this much knowledge in every field of life so traveling is mainly done in all times but because of different reasons every time a travel has a different reason behind it.


A lot of the fields in this world are dependent on the sector of travelling if travelling would not be there it might have become impossible to discover many things and the progress of human race would have been stopped long ago this all modern world is moving on the sector of travelling the discoveries in physics specially medicine has become possible because of travelling. And the world has become possible as a global village just due to travelling the information of one place is shared to other by travelling to that place specially we can see that as a news reporter as a coverage of the event the reporter must travel to the place of incident contributing very importantly to the communication of these modern standards, And so the world needs travelling as a basic necessity.

We can see the great examples of vasco-de-gama, Marco polo , Ibn- e-batuta who we can say that mastered the field of travelling almost and also discovered a lot of things the world might have never been able to know each other if great people like them might not have travelled. The nations are generally studied through their culture, norms and social custom which can also be studied by travelling to them and living in them as a part of it increasing the importance of traveling and dependence on travelling.


Travelling is considered to be divided into many sub branches including:

  • Tourism
  • Studying
  • Discoveries
  • Necessitation
  • Adventure
  • Communication



Travelling as a tourist is very enjoying people go for amusement in different countries to enjoy the beauty of that land witness their social life enjoy this cultural events .tourism is done on a large scale tourism is now a days considered as a job . Never select a person who you think can’t go further with you in the field and if you are agreed on an agreement then you should know before how to keep someone away from you legally. Tourists travel to different places amongst countries of world. The attention of people is getting more towards tourism just to explore the beauty of world and visit different places of world causing the increase in demand of travel


Travelling is also necessary for research purposes people do travel around the world for the seeking of seeking of knowledge is obligatory so to travel for studying has also become a trend to get good or higher level or good quality education. Like for example that if one of the research laboratory is not that much efficient so it is obvious that the people for better results will search for high quality laboratory and will move towards it no matter where in the world it lies. So travelling due to studying is also one of the main causes of travelling. Not only these days but travelling for studying has been a tradition from the old times, in the old times if people might not have travelled to gain education they were considered of no special importance.

We have many examples of great scholars that have travelled to very far from their homelands just to seek knowledge like Al berouni Jabir-bin-Hayan and many other like them that follows the list.


Discoveries are also dependent quite very  much on travelling like Marco polo who travelled through the world and discovered many things so it means that for discovering new things rather that theoretical studies we have to travel to discover new facts about the beauties hidden in this vary world. So it can be said that the travellers and travelling both have a huge contribution in the discoveries done till present day.


Travelling just because of necessitation is also done very largely  like if somewhere there are extreme weather conditions that people could not bear through them then they must travel  to a place where they can live easily. And at many places there are not facilities which are necessary for living so these people also have to travel to make through their life. for the purpose of job people also have to travel from one place to other and some keep on shifting continuously like the people who follow the tornados keep travelling just to capture the perfect moment.


People through worldwide have adventurous minds they want to do adventures and travelling is also a huge part of adventures. Adventures like hiking, climbing, tracking and many other adventures like following the thunder storms, sea storms, tornadoes are also completely dependent on travelling so these adventures are very much.


Now a days this world has turned totally into a global village which means that the communication is very strong these days. During your travelling journey you need all software for pc or laptop or mobile like Google map, direction finder etc. So there should not be any break down in this specific field so travelling is very much helping the field of communication around the world just for the sake of gathering news. Events happening around the area so the news casters and reporters have to travel to that place. Hence increasing the demands of travelling through the world and making travelling an essential.

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