Visiting Ulcinj in Montenegro

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The Long Beach in Ulcinj is a sandy runway that starts near Cape Djerana, 5 km south of the center of Ulcinj, in the length of 12.5 kilometers and for the most part with a width of 50 meters, stretches along the cleanest sea to Ada Bojana (Island of Bojana).

Planes, sometimes a helicopter, don’t land there when they reach the shores of the world’s megastars of show business. After landing at Podgorica airport and hurrying south with the car rental in Montenegro, to feel that hot fine sand under your feet, endless blue horizon, and caressing wind on their faces and hair.

Everyone wants to feel that special vibe of the sea scenery as soon as possible.

Visit Long Beach in Ulcinj

And you fly, and as you fly on the Long Beach, kitesurfers from all over the world are coming to this beach to catch the wind and hook their dragons to the sky. The Long Beach is from 2009, when it was made there the first kite club Dolcinium, popularized to this day that it has reached the level of the capital of kitesurfing on the Adriatic, which can stand side by side with those in the Canary Islands, Hawaii, Portugal or Egypt, where these sports are most popular.

Kitesurfing in Ulcinj

There are about fifteen kitesurfing clubs along the Long beach that provide training, so some guests are planning a summer vacation in Montenegro to train in that sport right there, in Ulcinj. This year, the kite club Dolcinium celebrated its 13th season, completely renovated, with the ambiance of the most exotic locations in the world, which is still considered the most popular club on the Long Beach.ž

Along the beach, in kite clubs and bars you can hear a diverse musical repertoire from jazz, through soul, funk, to house and live music. Entertainment is at the top of the list of visitors to the Long Beach, kite clubs often host world names of the DJ scene, the day on the beach is easily extended to the hottest twilight on the coast, and then there is a “crazy summer dance” until after midnight…

If you move a little towards the shore, you can still hear only the waves. It is this “sound insulation” of the sea that creates an ambiance for romantic souls!

The largest tourist complex on the beach is HTP “Velika plaza” which has a tourist resort, hotel, family apartments, bungalows, and along this part of the coast are many private beaches with the names of world-famous beaches on other continents (“Copacabana”, “Miami”…) which is also nice, and car camps, tent camps…

In the part of the Stoj settlement, there are a lot of beautiful apartments surrounded by mandarin plantations, and often guests stay with the same hosts for years, they just settled down on the coast.

Visit Ada Bojana in Ulcinj

And in the extension of the Long Beach is the famous Ada Bojana. How nature played there! The river Bojana flows into the sea at that place, and a triangular peninsula was formed on both sides, bordered by the river Bojana – a nature reserve created back in 1852. The beach is sandy, 3880 meters long, and the water on the coast is extremely shallow. It is especially nice if you go around the coast with a boat and watch Ada from the sea. Ada, say, lovers of this part of the coast, is pure love! Like the love of a river that disappears in the embrace of the sea – few people come to Ada once without returning. Ada has her “fans” who come here for years and just don’t want to go anywhere else, because everywhere is “other”, Ada is number one for them, what they searched for and found. Everyone finds themselves on Ada – that’s what they say.

Following the example of fishermen’s soybeans, as they have been here on Ada for a long time, cottages and water settlements have been built. House on the water – so who among us does not dream of one for a temporary home, for a holiday of your own! As they say, you jump into the water from the bed, drink your morning coffee with your feet in the water… There are a lot of tent camps in the part of Ada, but also those with caravans that are the right location for an unforgettable Ada adventure.

‘Euphoria kite surf beach’ is a place where you will fully feel the authenticity and closeness with this magical corner of the earth. A warm recommendation for this small oasis of homely atmosphere and Montenegrin hospitality.

There are also occasional travelers who “stop by” with strange traveling houses for a day or two on Ada, be there, enjoy as much as they like, and continue their journey… Ada is a special imaginary. Ada is like that – she didn’t drive anyone away.

On Ada, the world-famous nudist settlement “Ada Bojana” is also famous – the first bungalows for nudists were built there in 1973.

Ada Bojana is a favorite place for bird lovers because the island is one of the areas of international importance for birds. In addition to excellent opportunities for sports recreation, sailing, kiting, water skiing, on Ada you have the opportunity to ride. Fantastic pictures of horse riders on Ada at dusk have traveled the world.

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