Stepwise Guidance to Prepare for The Defence Exams

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Youngsters of India are jingoistic and love to be a part of Indian defence forces and serve their nation. However, joining these forces is not as easy as walking in the park. You need to crack the arduous written exams and an SSB interview. Preparing yourself for the defence exam can become easy for you, if you know some smart strategies. Do you need splendid guidance to prepare for the defence exams? If yes, then this article can help you in multiple ways. You just need to keep your spirit high during your preparation phase. Also, ingrain an optimistic attitude,  it can help you crack the exam in a single go.

There are many 12th pass candidates who want to join the defence forces by cracking the NDA exam. Are you one of them? If yes, then prepare for the exam with the help of an illustrious institute that provides excellent NDA coaching in Chandigarh. Candidates who are novice to defence exam preparation would need proper guidance to prepare for the exam. So, aspirants can go through the following points to get insightful tips for defence exam preparation. 

Here we have given stepwise guidance to prepare for the defence exams:

  1. Know scrupulous details of exam

Your first and foremost step is to know the exact details of the exam. Rely on official websites of exam conducting bodies to know the latest exam pattern and syllabus. Otherwise, when a notification is released it contains all the necessary information about exam syllabus as well as pattern. It can help you in making an effective timetable for defence exam preparation.

  1. Make a suitable time table

Prepare a proper timetable before you start preparing for the exam. It can aid in systematic preparation of the exam. Here are some tips that you can follow while making a timetable:

  • Line up activities of daily chores such as eating, sleeping, bathing, walking etc. Note down the time you take to complete these tasks.
  • Afterwards, know the time you have to study for the exam in a day.
  • Divide that time in all subjects of the defence exams.
  • Try to give yourself short breaks in between. It can refresh your mind and help you focus better while preparing for the exam.

Note that just making a timetable is not enough. You need to stick to it religiously. So, be punctual and determined while preparing for the defence exams.

  1. Select reliable study material

Study material is the core of defence exam preparation. You need to select the best study material for exam preparation. If you are confused regarding which study material is bst, link with some candidates who have already cleared a defence exam. Also, never try to hoard your bookshelf. You won’t be able to read each and every book. So, rely on those books only that can help you complete the exam syllabus.

Are you aiming to join the Indian air force? If yes, then start preparing for the AFCAT exam. For help, you can seek help from a reputable institute that delivers the best AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh.

  1. Abide by healthy schedule

Remember, you are not required to clear the written exams only. You need to clear the SSB interview also. No doubt, you need to qualify for many physical efficiency tests in the rounds of SSB interview. Therefore, you can’t neglect your health at any cost. Here are some tips that can help you maintain  good health:

  • Start your day with vigorous physical exercise.
  • Eat a heavy and healthy breakfast. Try not to drink tea or coffee as the first drink in the morning. Instead, you can drink a protein shake. Also, avoid eating fried food for breakfast. You can replace fried food with oats.
  • Eat seasonal fruits throughout the day.
  • You can eat something light for dinner.
  • Have quality sleep of at least 7-8 hours in a day.

Adhering to a healthy routine can improve your focus to prepare for the written exams.

  1. Practice every type of questions

After completing the exam syllabus, it’s the time to practice a variety of questions. You can easily practice every type of question by solving mock tests. So, try to solve at least 2 mock tests in a day. It can help you analyze your performance and make improvements to it. Additionally, you’ll improve your speed and accuracy of solving questions. Solving mock tests can also help you simulate the experience of the actual exam. This way you can easily appear for the exam with confidence.

  1. See some previous year papers

Going through previous year papers is necessary, as it can help you judge the level of the exam. We would recommend you to go through at least 10 previous year papers. It can help you know the weightage of several topics in the exam.  For practice, you can solve previous year papers. It can help candidates preparing for the CDS exam. If anyone needs proper guidance, they can seek help from a famous institute that is proficient in providing CDS coaching in Chandigarh.


We hope that this article can help candidates preparing for the defence exams. Also, it is advisable to prepare for the defence exam with a clear and calm mind. Adhering to an organized routine with a clear mind can help them crack defence exam in a single go. So, be positive and study smartly for the defence exams. You can apply the aforementioned tips while studying for any defence exam.

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