How To Completely Solve The HP Envy 6455 WiFi Printer Problems?

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Every smart home needs a printer device because the printer helps more to copy the documents. The copy document is needed in every essential work. Then, people search for the best printer in your smart home. Nowadays, all-in-one printers are available in the market that copy the document and scan or print the documents. The printer’s name is HP Envy 6455 WiFi printer. This printer is also an all-in-one printer that performs all the functions like copy, scan, or print. Then you cannot need to buy another scanning device. This printer fulfills all the scans & copy needed along with printing the documents. However, the all-in-one wireless printer works with the WiFi network and then provides the printing paper.

Moreover, the HP Envy pro 6455 WiFi printer works with Alexa which means simply connect the Alexa to the printer and then voice control. The Bluetooth connectivity technology is enhanced in this printer that means your client device connects to the printer through Bluetooth connectivity. It works with the WIFI network but for this, you need to connect hp envy pro 6455 to wifi network while using the HP smart app.

Troubleshooting Steps To Solve The HP Envy 6455 WiFi Printer Problems

The printing speed of the HP Envy 6455 wireless printer is very fast. It prints the essential paper within 30 seconds. Moreover, it provides printer paper in high quality. That you easily identify everything in the printing paper. But sometimes the problems are caused by this printer then you cannot print, scan, or copy the documents. But don’t worry you suddenly solve the printer problems in a manual way. Many problems are caused by this printer like jam issue, paper-feed issue, printing issue, and others.

Paper-feed & jams issue

Many times the problem that comes with the wireless all-in-one printer is paper-feed. Then, you ensure the paper sheet is properly inserted into the printer tray. It has an input capacity of 100 sheets. Then you place the 100 sheets at a time and it provides the output capacity to the 25 sheets. But sometimes, the paper-feed problem is there, which means the paper is stuck into the printer machine. Then you need to clean the paper problem. For this, you have to open the printer machine and verify the paper. If the paper is absolutely stuck then you need to remove it. Sometimes, the jam problem is also there with this printer. To solve the problem you need to pull out the paper from the printer paper tray in an accurate manner. You thoroughly use the flashlight and then clear all the jam. After that, you also insert the paper sheets into the paper tray.

Printing issue with HP Envy 6455 WiFi

Sometimes the printing issue is caused by the HP Envy Pro 6455 printer then you quickly fix it. For this, you properly ensure the printer is always turned ON position. If the printer is not turned ON then you provide the power through the power adapter. Also, ensure the paper is there in the paper tray. If the sheets are not there in the input tray then you need to load them. If you print with the window or Mac computer then you need to ensure the connection. Many times the connection is poor so you cannot print the paper from this printer. To fix the problem you need to make the connection. Utilize the network cable and then accurately make the connection. After that share the files & documents and then it easily prints the documents.

WiFi & network connection issue

The all-in-one wireless printer securely works with a WiFi network. But occasionally the Wifi connection issue is there that means it is not properly connected to the WiFi network. Then the hp envy pro 6455 troubleshooting way is you download HP smart app on your tablet or iPhone and then register the account. After that, visit the setting and then quickly connect to the WiFi network while using the network name & password.

Blinking Light issue

Many times, the HP 6455 wireless printer blinking the light means the issue is there. Then you need to verify the issue in the proper manner. If the position of this wireless printer is not accurate that means when the place of this printer and the surface is not clean then your printer blinks light. That means the surface is flat and very clean.

Scanning or copy issue

If the scanning or copy issue is there then you verify the ink. If the ink is not there in this printer then it does not copy the documents. Then you properly install the black & color ink in this printer. After that, the problem will be solved.

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