Profound Tips to Keep Yourself Grounded While Preparing for Competitive Exams

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Cherish your childhood days when you used to feel like a free bird. It was easy for you to focus on every task and give your 100%. Do you want those days back? For sure, you can get those beautiful days back. While growing up we often experience situations that ignite feelings of anxiety and stress in us. These negative feelings keep us from doing what we actually want. However, we can easily deter these feelings by grounding ourselves. Grounding is a technique that can pull you away from negative flashbacks and challenging emotions. It can help you concentrate on the present situation. Believe it or not, it is a fruitful practice for candidates preparing for competitive exams.

Grounding aids in keeping you calm and optimistic during your preparation phase. It can help you deal with pensive thoughts, if you are preparing for the bank exam 2021. We know that not everyone knows how to overcome negativity and regain zeal to prepare for the competitive exams. If you want to know soulful grounding techniques, read this article with an open mind. 

Here we have complied some profound tips that can keep yourself grounded while preparing for competitive exams:

  • Dip your hands in water

This is the most relaxing technique you can do while preparing for competitive exams. Follow the given steps:

  • First, take a bowl of warm water and dip your hands in it.
  • Close your eyes and focus on the temperature of water and how it feels on your fingers, back of hand and palm.
  • Now notice that you feel the same on every part of your hand.
  • After using warm water, switch to cold water. Also, notice how you felt after switching from warm water to cold.
  • Next, dip your hands in cold water first then warm water. Analyze, does it feel different to change from warm water to cold versus cold to warm ?


  • See or pick up items near you

It is another effective technique that can help you focus in the present. Whenever you feel stressed, start noticing the things around you. See the colour of things keenly. Instead of identifying colours as red or blue, challenge yourself to see specific colours like magenta, crimson, turquoise or indigo. Also, notice the texture of items. You can choose to hold some items in your hand and judge their weight. This whole process may seem childish to you. But, remember it can help you get relief from stress and anxiety.

  • Take deep breaths

Deep breaths always work. Whenever you start feeling extremely anxious, try to take deep breaths. You can follow these steps to calm yourself by taking deep breaths:

  • Find a nuisance-free spot.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Afterwards, inhale and exhale breaths slowly.
  • You can also say ‘in’ and ‘out’ while inhaling and exhaling.
  • With each breath feel how your lungs are feeling.

No doubt, this technique can help you fight stress. It also boosts your brain power. As a result, you can easily retain concepts while preparing for the exam

  • Savour delicious food

Eating delicious food can help you feel positive and alive. Although it is not advisable to eat junk food during preparation period, you can keep some weeks to munch on your favourite food items. You can deeply sense the aroma of food and eat it slowly to savour its taste. It can work wonders for you,  as it can uplift your mood in minutes. Instead of going out to eat your favourite food, you can choose to cook it at home. This way you can easily beef up your cooking skills as well.

  • Go on walks in a park

Spare at least an hour in a day to walk in a park near your home. It can be early hours of the morning or during the evening. Take a family member or friend with you. Talking with them for a while can make you feel connected with them. If you are going alone, try to count your steps while walking. This way you can easily concentrate on the present moment. Also, you’ll feel relaxed to study for the exam.

  • Take aromatherapy before going to sleep

Everyone advises to sleep for at least seven hours in a day. But, no one talks about improving the quality of your sleeping. When you sleep with a calm mind, you can easily start your next day with positivity. Here are some tips to improve quality of your sleep:

  • Use aromatherapy: You can diffuse essential oils in your room before going to bed. It can cool down your nerves and give you sound sleep. We would recommend you to use either lavender essential oil or rosemary.
  • Take a warm water bath before going to bed: It can relax your sore muscles. As a result, you can relish sound sleep.
  • Stretch your muscles: When you stretch muscles before going to bed, it makes you feel light. So, you can sleep peacefully without body ache.


  • Try 5-4-3-2-1 technique

Counting backward from 5, use your five senses to detect things around you. Here are some steps to use this technique:

  • Make a list of five things you can see.
  • Four sounds you can easily hear.
  • Three things you can easily smell.
  • Any two things you can touch.
  • One thing you can easily taste.

However, the above steps are not rigid. You can choose to notice any item around you by applying this method. This technique suggests you to notice little things around you. It instructs your mind to focus on the present moment. As a result, you can feel more light and calm. 5-4-3-2-1 method can also help youngsters looking for Punjab government jobs. It is a proven method to deter stress and anxiety.


These grounding techniques are powerful tools to overcome negative thoughts. We hope that it can help you in calming down yourself. Therefore, you can easily give your 100% while preparing for the competitive exams. Remember, an unclear mind can never let you grasp important concepts of the exam. So, while preparing for the exam make sure you have a balanced mind set. If you are losing your mind with the pressure of the exam, use any of the above grounding methods.

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