Post-pandemic Marketing Strategies for Franchises

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Gradually governments are reducing pandemic induced conditions. All business houses are reopening now. It can be assumed that we are on the verge of getting back to normal. It was a challenge for every business organization to maintain links with their customers. Digital marketing came to rescue during lockdown. So, what are your plans after lockdown? For sure, the scenario is not going to be the same as it was before lockdown. You need to use some analytical marketing strategies to retain your existing customers and earn a wide market share. No doubt, it’s going to be a painstaking task for every entrepreneur. If you are running a franchise, don’t worry your franchisor will always come one step forward to help you.

Remember, marketing not only implies that you have to sell your products in the market. You need to give your customers a splendid experience with quality services as well. Make sure your customers are strongly captivated by your brand. For example: If you are running an educational franchise and giving discounts to students, ensure that your institute is offering top-notch classes. Note that giving discounts to your customers doesn’t mean you can lower the quality of your products and services. Therefore, you need to make a strong comeback in the market after lockdown.

 Here are some pointers on crafting post-pandemic marketing strategies that can help your brand stand in the business world:

  • Customer retention 

Once you earn the trust and loyalty of your customers, respect it. You need to maintain the quality of your services and products. A business can survive in the market as long as its customers are happy with it. Do you need a throng of new customers? If yes, then keep your existing customers happy with your services and products. This is certain that new customers will check the reviews of your existing customers before buying your product. So, never afford to annoy your existing customers. It can actually help your franchise revive after setbacks of lockdown.

  • Switch to online business 

At present, customers feel more comfortable buying products and services online. So, it is advisable to upgrade your business operations and offer online services to your customers. This way you can easily survive the dynamics of the business world after lockdown. Remember, online business can overcome the geographical barriers. Therefore, you can earn customers from any corner of the world. Digital marketing can help you with this. It may increase your expenses, but you’ll be able to earn high profits in the long run. Also, you can seek help from professionals post lockdown to manage your online business.

  • Creating an experience

Are you selling your products and services to your customers at a reasonable cost? Do you think it is sufficient to retain customers? Maybe not! Apart from giving products and services at a reasonable cost, you need to make sure your customer is happy with the quality of the product. Make sure your customers are choosing your products because of its quality. It can help you in building a strong brand image. You can see some franchises like McDonalds, CCD, Pizza Hut etc. They win the hearts of their customers by giving them the finest services.

  • Be active on social media

In this digital era, everyone uses social media. We would advise you to use excessive marketing on social media. It can help you attract a wide range of customers. Try to make your digital ads attractive and easily understandable. Also, it is advisable to be honest and clear in your advertisements. Don’t try to gain customers by making fake promises. It can severely affect your brand reputation. Being honest can help you become a long-term player in the market. Here is a list of social media platforms you can use to attract customers:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Whatsapp etc.
  1. Use of SEO

SEO decodes itself as search engine optimization. You can hire a professional staff for doing SEO for your business. With the help of SEO, you can easily rank your products and services on google. You just need to use the right keywords and impressive content.

We all have a habit of searching everything on google. Ranking yourself on google can induce a lot of customers to pick you as your first choice. Believe it or not, it can help you gain a massive market share after lockdown.

  1. Coordinate with your franchisor

Which thing ensures the proper working of a franchise?  Proper coordination between franchisor and franchisee. As a franchisee, you should always discuss your plans with the franchisor. Also, you need to adhere to obligations and rules of the franchise agreement. In case you breach any law, it can drag you to legal troubles. So, try not to implement every plan without the permission of your franchisor. Also, if you think you are unable to handle a task, then ask your franchisor to help you with that.

Are you running a coaching institute franchise? If yes, then devise some strong marketing strategies by seeking help from your franchisor.


These are some of the effective post-pandemic marketing strategies that can help your franchises lead in the market. Try to implement these strategies to touch the crest of the wave. Additionally, you can take help from professionals to make suitable strategies for your franchises. There are high chances that your franchisor will provide you training and support post pandemic for marketing. Also, you can refer to the points mentioned above.

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