Yoga For Heart: 5 Effective Asanas to Protect And Manage Your Cardiac Health

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Yoga is an effective lifestyle intervention since it may reduce blood pressure, blood cholesterol, blood glucose, and blood sugar levels in addition to protecting your heart health.

Yoga For Heart
Yoga For Heart: 5 Effective Asanas to Protect And Manage Your Cardiac Health

Yoga For Heart Health: Worried about your heart health? Practise yoga to keep your heart healthy and youthful. The production of chemicals like cortisol and adrenaline, which restrict your arteries and raise your blood pressure, is one of a number of physical impacts that emotional stress may have. Yoga’s emphasis on deep breathing and mental concentration helps reduce this tension. Ankita Mahajan, naturopath and founder of Yogymummy said, “Yoga is not a new fitness practice that is reaping various benefits for the body and mind. Regular practice of meditation and yoga can enhance mental health, reduce anxiety and inflammation, boost immunity, and keep blood pressure in control.” You don’t really have to perform vigorous exercises to sweat and keep your heart’s health in check.

5 Yoga Asanas For Your Heart Health

  1. Surya Namaskar: It is itself a complete set of exercises that strengthen 99% of your body muscles. It’s a great workout for those people who can take 10-15 minutes every day for yoga practice. It can be practised by any age group under the guidance of a professional yoga teacher.
  2. Vrikshasan (Tree Pose): This one-leg balancing pose requires the focus and dedication of the practitioner. It opens your heart chakra and enables you to work on your self-esteem. You can practice this pose daily to experience that ‘feeling good’ factor every day.
  3. Utkatasan (Chair Pose): It stimulates your blood flow and gently raises your heart rate. Low blood pressure patients can practice this traditional hatha yoga pose to improve their blood flow and circulation. The modern generation has improvised this pose with squats, but the traditional pose has its own benefits. Squats enhance your knees and thigh muscles, whereas utkatasan works on your upper body as well.
  4. Bhujangasan (Cobra Stretch): This stretch is ideal for people dealing with poor blood circulation. The traditional back-bending hatha yoga pose, bhujangasan, primarily targets your abdominal region and enhances blood flow. The stretch is felt on the chest, shoulder and abdomen and helps release tension and weariness.
  5.  Chakrasanas (Wheel Pose): Chest muscles are stretched, heart function is improved, and blood channel obstructions are reduced. While maintaining your feet firmly on the ground, bend your knees. Your feet should firmly contact the ground. Take your hands and position them so that the fingers are pointing in the direction of your shoulders, directly by your shoulders. Lift your upper body off the ground while applying pressure to your hands and feet.

Cardio Yoga For Patients With Heart Blockage

Yoga is a wholesome exercise for heart health. It helps in regulating blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and glucose levels. Patients with heart blockage can practice a certain set of asanas and remain fit. Practise padangushthanasan or the big toe pose, sarvangasan or the shoulder stand pose, utthita trikonasan or the extended triangle pose, setubandha asan or the bridge pose, and gaumukhasan also known as cow face pose.

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