Why there is a need to Develop Mobile Apps With React Native?

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React Native is the mobile app development platform of choice for many mobile app development organizations. Not only do the mobile app development businesses in Pune benefit, but so do their customers. React Native is a cross-platform mobile app development solution that lets you use the same code on both iOS and Android. It’s a free, open-source framework that lets you create mobile apps using only Javascript. React Native is used by many Android app development companies because it employs the same UI blocks as native Android apps. It’s difficult to detect the difference.

The Benefits of Developing Mobile Apps with React Native

  1. Code can be reused.

90% of the code produced for one platform may be utilized for the other with React Native. When a mobile app firm uses the React Native framework to construct the app, a client seeking both iOS and Android versions of the app can quickly cut their mobile app development time in half. Even the code used to create the web app can be utilized to create mobile apps for a fraction of the cost and with the same speed and precision.

  1. Lower Costs:

Top mobile app development businesses may take advantage of the React Native framework’s reusable code benefits to reduce the cost of producing a mobile app. Clients are always overjoyed at the prospect of paying lower prices for the same high-quality mobile app.

  1. Simplified User Interface:

Another reason why the world’s best mobile app development businesses prefer the React Native platform is the ease with which it can be used. Unlike AngularJS and MeteorJS, React Native simplifies the sequential actions required for app development. This feature also aids in the rapid development of React-based mobile apps.

  1. Lower Memory Usage:

As I indicated in the previous point, third-party plug-in compatibility, diverse modules, and the ability to use both native and Javascript modules aid in integrating any functionality to your project. As a result, the burden on the real software is reduced, necessitating the use of less memory. This makes your application faster to use and gives the end-user a better overall experience. Some popular third-party plug-ins are React Native Drawer, React Native Modalbox, and React Native Vector Icons.

  1. Flexible Coding Framework:

Because the coding system is prevalent among developers, top mobile app development businesses in India have started transitioning to React Native for their mobile app development needs. Developers may easily switch from one project to the next, and firms can swap developers in the middle of a project in the event of an emergency. This prevents your web development project from being slowed down needlessly owing to the absence of a single programmer or developer.

  1. Long-Term Solution:

React Native has a huge community behind it that is committed to keeping it alive and thriving. Many people work on modest adjustments to improve and improve the React Native framework on a daily basis. If you ever need assistance with a project, you can always look for it online. React Native is endorsed by Facebook for further security, ensuring that this is the only framework you’ll ever need to learn for mobile app development.

  1. Future-Proof:

The React Native framework is created in such a way that your code is future-proof, at least for the time being. Even if you have to work on both iOS and Android, you can be confident that working with the simplest scripts will be enough to help you fix even the most serious errors. It gives you tabs to keep track of your memory consumption, allowing you to operate your mobile app on older phones that may lack the processing ability to run most apps.

  1. Publish App Updates More Frequently

Previously, publishing app upgrades took a long time because developers had to go through the build process again for each app separately. That procedure has been simplified thanks to React Native. Not only can both apps be updated at the same time, but the entire procedure is also considerably easier and faster. Developers offer changes and updates for your users via over-the-air (OTA) updates, which are applied while consumers are still using the app. The user will receive the update the next time the app is launched.

There is no longer any need to manually update the app in the app stores and get them approved by Apple or Android, which saves time and streamlines the process.


To summarise, while producing an app for a customer, most top Mobile App Development companies in India and around the world prefer to use React Native because it is easier to use and gives greater results. efficient apps do not rely solely on the app developer’s skill and come with a plethora of libraries and modules that make the development process relatively simple.

As a client, you should be overjoyed that your mobile app development business is adopting React Native to create your app because it takes less time to develop and costs less money. If you’re looking for a new app, please contact CodePlateau Technology Solutions, one of India’s leading mobile app development firms and a leader in React Native mobile app development.

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