Significant Role Played By Mobile Application In Business Digital Transformation

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Today, the word “digital transformation” is the biggest buzzword. Yet, many executives ignore the potential impact of digital enablers compared to things like a digital roadmap, strategy, implementation, etc. The introduction of technologies like IoT, AI, Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation has made enterprise heads less likely to realize the significance of mobile applications and their growth.

Failure to engage with leading digital transformation services may also negatively impact digital transformation initiatives, so enterprises should take this into account. Regardless of the industry, mobile applications offer an advantage to any enterprise across a wide range of verticals. Throughout this post, we discuss why mobile apps are crucial for digital transformation, how mobile apps help enterprises grow and be more productive.

A few reasons how digital transformation apps are revamping businesses in the digital space

  • Businesses are becoming more visible to their potential and existing customers with digital transformation apps.
  • Businesses become more recognized among the potential audience because apps are helping businesses in the building their brand image.
  • Digital transformation apps help businesses stand out from the competition, especially if they’re customer-focused.
  • Businesses are increasing their customer base with the aid of digital transformation apps.

All companies, regardless of their size, are spending time and money to build digital transformation apps in an attempt to boost sales and increase brand recognition.

Take a sneak peek at the stats that are exemplified below:

  • The average 18- to 24-year-old spends over 90 hours per month on apps.
  • The length of time people spent on mobile phones is only invested in surfing apps.
  • Mobile devices account for 75% of all internet traffic.
  • Most smartphone users have around 80 apps on their phones, and 40 of them are frequently used.
  • Twenty-one percent of millennials open an app 50 or more times per day.

Aren’t the statistic mentioned above are persuasive? It is evident from the data above how crucial it is for businesses to splurge in digital transformation apps to thrive in this era of technology.

Now let’s take a plunge into how digital transformation apps help businesses to grow and expand their digital footprints.

Advancement Of Digital Transformation Through Digital Transformation Apps

Personalized relationship with customers

Any relationship is based on communication, and to be able to communicate effectively with both existing and potential clients is something all companies wish they could accomplish. Digital transformation apps enable businesses to talk with no geographical restrictions today, thanks to the facility of chatting.

Clients and potential clients will have access to your team from anywhere and at any time through mobile apps. With Mobile App Development, customers can ask questions in real-time and businesses can respond instantly, prompting them to complete a transaction. Personalized services are the “magic pill” of success for every business.

Businesses can easily analyze in real-time what their customers are doing by developing mobile apps and inform them about the discounts and offers they can benefit from through push notifications, emails, and popups. With the help of digital transformation apps, businesses can personalize their customer experiences and establish a strong bond with them.

A Winning Combination: Digital Transformation Apps & AI

Smart devices were developed primarily to operate like humans using artificial intelligence. You can use AI devices to respond to a variety of customer queries, while they simultaneously learn and keep improving.

The coming of Artificial Intelligence together with digital transformation apps, is safe and data-backed for businesses.

Today, businesses make phenomenal mobile apps with technologies such as NLP, ML, and Chatbots that are fantastic from marketing and security perspectives. A chatbot is another AI feature that helps solve customer queries in real-time, increasing the likelihood that your customers/potential customers will purchase your app.

Businesses are successfully fulfilling consumer expectations by integrating AI into their digital transformation apps, and this has been a powerful tool for businesses for years.

Making the most of GPS with location-based services

It is no secret that most digital transformation mobile app asks for permission to access your location when downloaded. Are you familiar with it?

Location-based services are integrated into a lot of digital transformation apps these days. What’s the reason? Here is the hunch: Businesses can advertise and reach out to their customers in real-time with these mobile apps.

Most of you have received a push notification when you entered a store at some point in the past. – Is that right?

The right message can be delivered at the right time to the right people if LBS and GPS are integrated! This is just a start. Today, Mobile App Development services also integrates location-based services with GPS can feature features like google maps, check-ins on social media, and sharing location information.

Swift and secure payments

Well, welcome to a digital world!

Two decades ago, cash was the only mode of payment (at most places). Then Credit/Debit cards came next. However, today you will hardly find anyone carrying a lot of cash.

As they say, welcome to a digital world. With the rise of digital transformation apps such as PayPal, Google Pay, and Paytm, payments have also gone mobile. To conduct financial transactions, people now use their smartphones and a payment app instead of cash.

Convenience is what that’s about. Let’s move on to security. After all, it’s your money!

Payment apps are more complex to build than other kinds of apps because the developers working on them have to concentrate on securing funds and data together while developing the app. The digital transformation apps of all companies are being thoroughly tested to ensure their safety and reliability.


Around the world, a significant portion of the population cannot live without smartphones. For most of them, and also for most of us, mobile apps are an integral part of daily life. It is now essential to build mobile apps for every niche from communication to food ordering to payments and directions.

To thrive in this cutting-edge competition, many businesses are already adopting a mobile-first strategy, and most industries will surely follow suit soon.

Mobile apps are gravely in demand and businesses must become cream of the crop to compete. Are you searching for Mobile App Development Company where a seasoned developer creates a notion, develop, and launch mobile app that are versed with new and evolving technologies? Get in touch with GlobalHunt Technologies today. Connect with our experts and get unbiased advice on how to digitally transform your business through mobile apps.

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