Problems In Blink Mini Camera Configuration? Here’s The Solution

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The Blink Mini Camera is a Security camera that records videos in high resolution. It has a motion detection feature that captures any unusual activity and sends an alert notification to the mobile phone. The two-way audio allows the user to monitor in the day as well as in dark. The inbuilt speakers and microphone let you communicate with friends and families without any hassle. The captured video will be stored securely in the cloud. It comes with a 30 days free subscription plan where you can store videos in the cloud. However, the subscription plan can be extended by paying the bill. The inbuilt microphone lets you connect to Alexa through which you can control the camera by giving commands to Alexa. As it is a security camera, it records videos and protects our home and workplace from robberies. The minimum technical requirements to run the Blink Mini Camera are mentioned below.

Technical Requirements To Run Blink Mini Camera


The Blink Mini Camera is compatible with Android devices, IOS devices, Echo Show, Fire OS smartphones, Firestick, and Echo Dot.


The software version required for IOS devices should be 12.5 or higher, Lollipop v5.0 or higher for Android devices, and Fire v5.1 or higher for Fire OS mobile devices.

Internet Speed

Type DSL, Fiber, and cables with a minimum 2 Mbit/sec are required for high-speed internet connection.

IP and Security

WPA and WPA2 with TKIP SSID security and DHCP IP configuration are required.

These are some requirements to run the Blink Mini Camera on any device. Now we explain the step by step guide to do the Blink Mini camera configuration.

How I do Blink Mini Camera Configuration

The blink mini camera setup is simple and can be done by using a smartphone. Here’s now, we are going to explain how you can set up the Blink mini camera. The following instructions should be followed to set up the camera.

Open the Google Play Store and App Store on your smartphone and download the Blink Mni app. After downloading the app, install it. Launch the app, you will see a + icon on the top of the screen. Click on it and  Now tap on Blink mini camera and you are redirected to scan the QR code. Allow all the permission required by the app. Now enter the serial number manually. Now choose the system where you want to add this camera and enter the name according to your needs. Tap on Discover Device when you see a solid green light and a blue light  On the next interface, you will see that Blink wants to join your WiFi network, tap on join to proceed. Tap on Don to finish the Setup. Now we explain the procedure to connect the Blink Mini Device to the Alexa App.

How I Connect Blink Mini Camera To Alexa

To establish he connection between the blink mini camera and the alexa, it is very easy and simple. You have to just follow these steps to do this and just start saying the command like Alexa, say blink mini…

Launch The Alexa App

To connect the Blink Camera with Alexa, the camera should be powered on and linked with the Blink Mini app. The Alexa device should also be connected to the Alexa App. Launch the Alexa app and click on devices to add a new device. On the top right corner, there is a + icon, tap on it. A new popup will appear, click on add new devices and then search for the camera. Click on the camera and then tap on the blinking camera.

Follow The Instructions

A new interface with downloading the Blink Mini App will show on the screen, just tap on it to download and set up it. Now click on enable and sign in with Alexa login details to link up Alexa with a mini camera. Now tap on the discover button, it may take 45 to 50 seconds to catch the camera. A new interface with Blink camera found will appear and follow the instructions and your device is set up.  Now you may give any command to Alexa.

Now we explain the quick way to reset the Blink Mini camera within a few seconds.

Troubleshooting Steps For Blink Mini Camera

The Blink Mini security camera troubleshooting steps are as follows. To reset the Camera, hold the sliders module until the light turns on. You can use a sharp object if you are facing a problem in holding the module. That’s it. The camera has been reset successfully. Reinstall the module and set it up again as we explained above. But in some case if you will find any troubleshooting. To fix the issues you must verify that your camera is properly connected with the electric outlet and in working mode. If still the problem not solved then need to perform a hard reset. But keep in mind a hard reset can set all your saved data or settings on default. You must need to set up your blink camera again.

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