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India is an immensely alluring destination for tourists from across the world. A vast range of activities is available in India to excite your nerves without being conditioned to extravagant costs. India at its length and breadth is thronged with adventurous destinations which place India at the position of 34 out of 140 countries. Starting from hills to plateaus and Seashores, Indian terrain is enormously blessed with diversity as its culture. Different topographies suit different criteria of escapades. To venture out on overwhelming adventures with a low budget then your homeland will serve your purpose.

Chadar Trek

At the Himalayas, in Ladakh, this trek exalts with great pride over the frozen Zanskar river. Elevates up to 11,123 ft. and exposes you to a challengingly thrilling adventure. A dreamland that resembles polar traditions where the sled is used to substitute walking. The caves with indistinct arches and mild river water sneaking from here and there land you in an atmosphere that is entirely unfamiliar to your senses. It is to be mentioned that this is a difficult trek and mostly traversed from mid-January to February on a duration of 13 days.


Located in Uttarakhand, serves as the best ski resort destination in northern India, Other than skiing there a bundle of winter activities is found and explores. Preferably visited during the winter months to explore the thick layer of snow that pervades the region. The cable car ride in Auli is an enchanting experience.

Spiti Valley

A decent number of treks are unevenly distributed throughout the valley. The valley serves as a victory point for some of the treks. Pristine lake and barren mountains rising from adjacent areas of that lake make this region lavishly beautiful. The night sky dictated by the celestial bodies is no less than a wonder. The mornings imitates a fairy tale-wake-up that gives a tingly feeling to you after stepping off your warm comfort zone.


A variety of adventure sports takes shelter in Rishikesh that is exclusively in none other than Uttarakhand. This is a place that daunts you from learning it and encourages you to live it. Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh is exceptionally indomitable in the entire country and to a great extent in Asia. Besides, River rafting and caving are also prevalently explored activities.

Valley of Flowers

The Valley of Flowers National Park is located in Uttarakhand with recognition of the World Heritage Site.  Rare kinds of flora and fauna are available there that could not be found anywhere out of Uttarakhand. The tempting odor aligns with the landscape of the valley to drown you in its radiance. Vibrantly enough during the monsoon season between July and August, the vegetation blossom and grow with enthusiasm.


The Island is endowed with a busy tourism Industry. The primary occupation in Andaman is seen in hospitality. Discovering ancient detention constructions is another dive into the past that thrills your adventure. Alongside the water sports such as Scuba diving, parasailing which are exceedingly popular you will come across various other activities that would extol your experience in the unconventional beach.


A paradise for those whose soul resides in the unusual. The experience you come across in Manali is wonderful and one of a kind. You explore mighty mountains and their acquainting activities that embellish your journey. Each destination in Manali stands out from the other, discovering new and fresh air is all the adventure your heart yearns for. From treks to rejuvenating lakes with mountains adorning them, everything seems to be extraordinary.


A destination that thrives in West Bengal is a forest sojourn. It is the place to celebrate with a rich diversity of fauna. You will find yourself once or twice just beside a one-horned rhinoceros or Indian elephant while exploring the different biosphere reserves located. The renowned Buxa Tiger reserve and Gorumara National Park take their authority from Dooars and settles themselves there. To locate endangered animals and indigenous species Dooars is the best place that would prove your fate.


Finding out traces of medieval Indian history attached to the terrific forts and palaces is secondary, the primary adventure that delights your soul is the desert safari. Either board a car or climb up on the back of a camel to allow the sand dunes to direct you. The traditional Rajasthani ambiance is specifically centric to the Camel safari and under the night sky or during dusk.

Har Ki Dun Trek

With a spiritual significance but an exotic touch graces the region. Dehradun marks the beginning of this trek. Delve into the part of Garhwal Himalayas and enjoy the uninterrupted pleasure of being surrounded by blooming nature. The snow-capped mountains seem to be staring at you and indicating you want to conquer it soon.

During the trip you found every destination has different features and is blessed by nature. All destinations are capable of delivering enough peace to your mind, it will relax you from your hectic daily routine. If you are facing financial issues due to pandemic time and still would like to go to a destination for refreshment you can book the tour here at the lowest price. 

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