7 Proven Lifestyle Changes to Live A Heart Healthy Life

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Human beings are known for their complex behaviour patterns. The way they live, eat, interact and even think, makes them different from each other. This only differentiates them but also defines their physical and mental health.

Why Do Lifestyle Choices Matter?

Known as the lifestyle, it has a great impact on a person’s health. All the habits and behaviours of a person are critically important when it comes to healthy living. Minor lifestyle changes can either make or break the deal for you.

Just like all other aspects of your health, your heart health is also greatly affected by the lifestyle you follow. You can expect to live a healthy life with no heart troubles if you smoke, eat countlessly or are a couch potato.

One of my uncles who never cared for his lifestyle habits got caught by a cardiac ailment later in his life. After visiting many best heart specialists in Rawalpindi he came to realize that he was responsible for his health condition. So, your lifestyle changes are important when it’s about your heart health.

How to Improve your Heart Health with Lifestyle Changes?

Now you must be thinking about the lifestyle changes that can help you to live a healthy life. Don’t think too much. I have got you covered. Read on further to know more.

1- Maintain a Healthy Weight

Your body weight is important when it is about your heart health. Being overweight can sufficiently increase your risk of suffering from a heart problem. If you are already overweight or have heart diseases in your genes, then it’s the high time you start thinking about shedding those extra pounds. You can start it on y9our own or get help from a nutritionist to help with the trouble.

2- Make Wise Food Choices

You become what you eat and this exactly goes for your heart health. The type of food you eat runs all your body functions. Talking about heart health, we know that eating fats is bad for us. Consumption of too many fats can increase our cholesterol level to a greater extent.

A higher cholesterol level is your enemy and is one of the risk factors for heart diseases. If you are looking for a heart-healthy diet, then start consuming good fats coming from nuts and seeds as well as consume a lot of fibre to help control your cholesterol level.

3- Practice Physical Activity

You can’t deny the importance of physical activity for your health. When you are staying physically active it keeps your heart functioning properly. The type of physical activity you choose is your personal choice. No matter what it is, it is good for our heart health. If you are not into it, then you start simply with walking or cycling or swimming and gradually increase the intensity as your stamina builds up.

4- Make Sure to Follow Good Oral Hygiene

You may find it surprising but your oral hygiene is critically important for your heart health. When you don’t follow good oral hygiene practices, there are chances that bacterial plaque can accumulate in your oral cavity.

This oral plaque can further go down and clog your heart pipes resulting in poor heart function. So, if you don’t want to suffer from heart problems later in life, it is recommended to brush your teeth twice a day, floss daily, use mouthwash and go for regular dental checkups.

5- Stop Consuming Alcohol and Nicotine

Alcohol or nicotine coming from cigarette smoke not only affects your lungs and liver health but is also hard on your heart health. There is an obvious reason to stop their consumption if you want to live a heart-healthy life. If you are suffering from any of these habits, then it is better to consult an addiction specialist and protect yourself from future troubles.

6- Control your Stress

Stress is one of the prominent factors that can affect a person’s heart health. Uncontrolled stress level not only affects the production of stress hormones in your body but can take a toll on your heart health. So, you need to control your stress level. You can try managing it on your own via good food, healthy habits and self-therapy. However, if nothing seems to help you then you might seek out help from the professionals.

7- Have a Proper Sleep Routine

Just like all other things, your sleep pattern also affects your heart health. When you don’t take proper rest, it takes a toll on your organ health including heart health. Start taking proper rest and ensure good sleep hygiene. If you can’t manage it on your own then it’s better to consult a sleep expert.

Bottom Line!

Lifestyle is important when it comes to your health. All aspects of your health including your heart health depends on it. If you are suffering from any heart disease or at the risk of developing one, then it is better to adopt these lifestyle changes. Not only can this, but regular visits to your cardiologist and annual checkups also help you to keep heart health troubles at a bay.


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