6 Amazing Tips to Develop Custom Cartridge Packaging

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How do you want your cardboard display boxes to look like? If you are in the packaging industry, then custom cardboard display boxes for vape cartridges should be something that is on the top of your mind. Custom cardboard boxes wholesale give your business an edge in this competitive industry. You can offer customers a different experience with custom cardboard packaging because it will make them feel special and unique when buying from you!

Are you looking for cardboard display boxes wholesale? If so, then the packaging industry may be able to help! Custom cardboard boxes are incredibly popular these days for packaging for vape cartridges. It seems like new businesses are always popping up, and custom cardboard boxes provide a great way to stand out from the competition. This blog post will explain how custom cardboard packaging can benefit your emerging business!

The advantages of cardboard packaging

There are a few key benefits to cardboard boxes. First, cardboard boxes tend to be significantly lower in cost than other types of custom packaging options such as plastic or metal containers.

In addition, cardboard is recyclable and biodegradable! This means that it can help you reduce your environmental footprint without adding too much extra time or expense into the production process for your product.

Finally, cardboard is quite sturdy when compared with its weight, making it incredibly easy to ship products all over the country (or world!).

Use Eco-Friendly Packaging

For a company to be successful, they need the right tools for packaging. Premium quality stocks help make more attractive designs and will increase your customer engagement with products by making them feel luxurious in their purchase decision process!

Use sustainable materials whenever possible, so you’re not harming our environment while also keeping up good relations between corporations as well (i.e., being green).

Make Designs Unique and Modern

As e-commerce flourishes, the need to keep up with trends is crucial for any company. Custom cardboard packaging boxes are a great way to show potential customers that you’re on top of your game and have products they want!

Use bright colors – one popular trend in custom cardboard packaging box designs is using vivid color palettes, so it’s immediately clear what kind of product or brand the customer will be purchasing when opening their package.

When you are selling a product, it is important for people to be able to find your brand. When they buy the product, they feel happy. Make sure that your packaging boxes are different from others’ so customers can recognize your brand!

Design fascinating logo

There are many ways to make an impression on customers at their very first look. It is better to have an attractive box, so people will remember who it came from. You can add a logo or any other pattern on the packaging for this. Pictures, patterns, and artsy graphics will make customers want to buy your home. You can also use different colors. This is an easy way to make more money without spending too much of your money.

When people buy vape cartridges, you can put a QR code or website address on the side. Then when they scan it with their phone, they will know everything about the product. If you are not sure how to make your package design, then I recommend contacting an experienced graphic designer. They will make a good design in seconds.

Use Modern Printing Techniques to Make Packaging Phenomenal

Custom printed boxes can help you sell your product. Each person has a different opinion. Your design will show what they like and make it look better than other people’s designs.

There are many ways to make your vape packaging different. Printing is one way to do it. We can’t talk about all the possibilities here, though, so you should look up information on other ways online.

For now, let’s talk about how to make your designs or logos more noticeable. You can do this through the use of color and accents.

Custom Digital Printing

Digital printing is a way you can print your vape cartridge packaging. It uses less ink than traditional screen-printing, which means it will cost less in the future.


Embossing is a common technique that you can use for your boxes. It’s like pressed printing, except instead of leaving an impression on paper or another material with heat to create designs in relief, the design itself will be raised and impressed into packaging stock at placement locations throughout its surface area using equipment such as dies presses embossers cylinders vacuums, etc.


Debossing is the opposite of embossing on cardboard. It’s when you cut into cardboard, and it leaves a sunken design in your packaging box.

Screen Printing

When you want to add color on custom vape cartridge boxes or other kinds of custom printed packaging, screen printing can be done with multiple colors that will leave an amazing look for customers who see them. This method also applies well if you’re trying to show off some photos and artwork too!

Foil Stamping

You’ll get the most shine out of foil stamping because this process uses thin film, which is made from aluminum gold, silver copper, etc. Once applied over paper cardboard surfaces, these films produce shiny metallic finishes by providing excellent adhesion resistance wear ability.


Packaging is a key component in marketing your product and can make the difference between success or failure. One way to stand out from competitors while still remaining affordable for most businesses’ owners would be through a varnishing-a finishing process that enhances glossiness as well as the depth of color without making them look too dull or flat.

Varnishing’s have been tailored specifically towards premium brands such as Louis Vuitton bags because they carry an expensive appeal but don’t come at an additional cost when compared against other types of boxes on offer by companies today.

However, this doesn’t mean you should only use these types of branding materials! There are several alternatives available depending upon what it is exactly we’re looking to accomplish:

There are several benefits to using this particular type of box, which include: it is lightweight, allowing you to have more control over your product and its packaging.

This can be a signifier that the contents within will also reflect a certain level of quality – cardboard display boxes wholesale. These types of cardboard gift or presentation supplies come in an array of better materials such as leather, silk, fur, and even gold covering!

What’s great about these materials is they’re able to provide luxury without costing too much money. In fact, there’s no need to get rid of them after use because they’ll still look amazing when displayed on top of the desk.


The best packaging for vape cartridges is a custom-made carton that will represent the overall brand identity. When you are designing your cartridge pack, try to think about these six things and how they can be applied in one way or another on the package design.

Make sure it includes enough room for branding information like company name, logo, contact information, etc., as well as photos of products inside, so customers know what they’re buying at first glance. It also needs to have features such as easy opening without scissors/cutter needed; recyclable materials used where possible; labels with visible safety warnings.

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